The 'Renegade MCC' was founded in its current form in Enfield, north London in 1994, the Medway Band in Kent was added in 1995 and the Anglia Band in Hertfordshire added in 1996. In 1998 the Enfield Band left to become another club.


During this time the Renegade MCC presented the much loved Pissed Indian Rally’s raising thousands for various charities.

There were 10 Pissed Indian Rally’s starting in 1996 with a small rally at the Duke of Kent PH in Faversham with only a few hundred attending.

With the great success of this our first rally it was quickly decided that we would continue to put on this rally as an annual event.

In 1997 the 2nd Pissed Indian held at the Duke of Kent PH was such a great success, with the attendance almost doubling to that of the previous year, proved that we would have to quickly look for a larger venue.


In 1998 the 3rd Pissed Indian was held at a new venue in Leybourne near West Malling.
This venue was just a rough overgrown field which had to be cleared.
It was a big step up from the Duke of Kent PH as we had no electric or water supplies and only a year to put all this together.
With a lot of help and advice we put on another very successful Rally with over a thousand in attendance and even appeared on BBC and ITV and in national newspapers, it also made front page news in local newspapers.
This was the most challenging and stressful rally of all the ten rally’s, but this was our training ground and we gained a vast amount of experience and confidence to continue and once we recovered from this we were soon planning the 4th Pissed Indian Rally in 1999.


The 4th Pissed Indian had a new venue, this was a large field owned by the Museum of Kent Life in Aylesford, the final resting place for all future Pissed Indians.

Over the next six years we continued the success of the Pissed Indian Rally growing in size every year with many thousands in attendance and soon became the largest Biker rally in the south of England.


The Pissed Indian Rally ended its reign in 2005 in its 10th anniversary.
The end was mainly down to the change in licensing laws for hosting outside events, a sad time but we ended on a high and although it was a lot of hard work and at times produced very stressful moments, we had a lot of fun and are very proud of what we achieved.


The success of the Pissed Indian Rally or any event is down to the people who attend and to those we owe a huge amount of thanks for their support over the years.


There are many people involved in producing Pissed Indian’s, far too many to list.
We would like to thank everyone involved for all their hard work and advice, a lot of good friends gained, a lot of memories and a lot of fun.
Keep it touch, you never know we may need your help again in the future!


In September 2005 after 10 years as an MCC, the Medway Band of the 'Renegade MCC' took MC. The Anglia Band have retained their MCC status with the original regalia and front patch. They are now independent of us and at this time, the only band to hold the title 'Renegade MCC', and we wish them well.



On February 10th 2010 the Renegade MC become a full patch MC

and are now celebrating our 15th year anniversary



We continue to arrange excellent quality events for bikers.





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